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Welcome to my teaching page! I am on the violin and chamber music faculty at the University of Minnesota at the Bravo Institute for Piano and Strings and maintain a private teaching studio at my home in Southwest Minneapolis, serving the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. I currently have limited openings for students in Summer 2022 and the 2022-2023 school year.

Here, you can acquaint yourself with my philosophy and background, and get in touch to schedule a meeting or consultation lesson.

Teaching PhilosophY

My teaching is founded upon the idea that it is possible to both challenge students and to be kind. While I believe that a strong investment of time and energy will give students a feeling of accomplishment and will unlock the most fulfilling aspects of violin playing, I care deeply about their self-esteem and well-being as a young person. I am growth-oriented, looking to optimize each student’s potential. At the end of the day, music ought to be a nourishing and inspiring presence in each player’s life.

About Me

I was fortunate enough to have strong training that equipped me with top-grade information on violin playing. In addition to studies with Sally O’Reilly in Minneapolis, I have studied with current teachers from the Juilliard School, the Curtis Institute, and the New England Conservatory, and have studied abroad at the Salzburg Mozarteum and the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, where I completed my master’s degree in violin performance. Through my teachers, I am only one generation apart from the greatest master teachers of the past century: Ivan Galamian, Josef Gingold, and Dorothy Delay. This background endowed me with a comprehensive knowledge of violin technique, and I have completed graduate Suzuki and “traditional” pedagogy seminars and fellowships that enable me to cultivate this knowledge in young people.


What ages and levels do you teach?

I have experience teaching violinists from childhood beginners through doctoral performance students. I am happy to meet with students at all ages and levels.

How early can my child start? How do I know if s/he is ready?

Typically, I begin students between ages 4 and 6. I do not have a set formula that determines readiness, especially as there is such a fast learning curve at the very beginning. Patience, focus, and an interest in music are promising signs of aptitude. It is possible to begin students before age 4. Families with children younger than 4 should be in touch to discuss preparing for lessons. Cultivating a musical home from an early age is an excellent investment.

How do we start? What will we need before my child begins lessons?

I am happy to meet with families to see if I will be the right match for your child. If you decide to work with me, I will provide a detailed equipment list then. Minneapolis-Saint Paul has a number of excellent string instrument stores that make this quick and painless. I strongly recommend reading the following books in the meantime:

  • Your Child's Self-Esteem by Dorothy Briggs
  • Parent Effectiveness Training by Dr. Thomas Gordon
  • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & How to Listen So Kids Will Talk
    by Faber and Mazlish
  • Nurtured by Love by Shinichi Suzuki

What method do you use?

I consider my teaching to be a hybrid of the Suzuki and traditional European methods of teaching. I have completed seminars, fellowships, and private teacher training that cover the Suzuki Method, traditional methods from Havas, Rolland, and Zweig, and methods of conservatory teachers such as Flesch and Galamian. My goal is to combine the aspects of each method that will be the most useful for each student.

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